Soccer Club

Soccer is an ever evloving game and we evolve along with it.

Chicago Soccer United was created after years of studying different philosophies such as European and South American, we have come together with a mix of both to train our future generation.

Our Soccer Club focuses on having fun while building a strong foundation for both personal and athletic growth. We offer both recreational and competitive Soccer programs for boys and girls, aged 3-17.

Our services include:

*          Stadium

*          Tickets

*          Tryouts

*          Community

*          Soccer Rides

*          Soccer Leagues

*          Coaching services

*          Soccer tournaments

We employ only professional coaches with a high level of expertise in newer training methods who will establish new benchmark in coaching children and teens.

Balancing player development with logistical constraints is a task that can be improved by utilizing the professional services. Our Experience in creating effective club programs simply cannot be matched.

Our training programs and benefits to every player and team include:

  • Standardized team training programs
  • Innovative Guest Training Program
  • Special player training series
  • Goalkeeper training program

Each child is given all possible assistance for them to achieve their highest skill level, becoming the best soccer player they can become. We do more than a teach soccer.  We are dedicated to aiding your children to become accomplished and capable adults.

Our mission is to develop young people as leaders who, through competitive soccer, will raise the quality and awareness of the benefits of team sports in the surrounding communities.

Contact us for more information at 847-293-0348.