Soccer Tryouts

Ready to Prove Yourself in Soccer?

It is useful for your child to have an understanding of what takes place at Soccer Tryouts.  They are often very competitive and challenging for teams who have to travel to the event.

When assessing new players, the coaches are looking for athletes who excel in speed, agility, accuracy and team spirit.

Chicago Soccer United is interested in serious soccer players who are dedicated to soccer and committed to excellence.


* U-6 to U-8 To Be Determined

*U-10 to U-12 To Be Determined

*U-14 to U-16 To Be Determined

*U-18 to Adult league To Be Determined

Small-sided games that present conditions that vary are initiated with the intention of  creating specific attacking and defending situations. This allows for increased ball contact and greater opportunity to assess each player individually.

Each player is assessed against the benchmark skill level of the tryout group.  This helps with the identification of the most able players in the tryout groups.

Players must be properly attired and equipped when they arrive for the tryout.  They must also have all of the appropriate paperwork completed and ready to turn in.  It’s important to pay close attention to the words of the coach and stay focused on the tasks during drills.

We will employ a unique set of evaluation criteria and a proven tryout system. We will help establish teams that fit in with the overall mantra of your club. A pre tryout consultation will ensure every aspect is professionally planned and executed.

To find out more information and to have our representative discuss your tryout structure, call 847-293-0348.